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5 janvier 2011 3 05 /01 /janvier /2011 20:13

Summary: an illegal slaughterhouse of dogs and cats, hidden near the village of YuanLing, SHIYAN, SHENZHEN (city in South-East CHINA), was discovered and denounced by a volunteer of animal protection.

Concerned services (district administration, police station…) worked for more than 12 hours, and eventually, 22dogs and 13 cats were rescued while the rest (several dozens of dogs, cats and sheep) risked being killed and sold…

Picture1: a dog saved by a volunteer will be transported.

1 bragance

Picture2: Cats in this slaughter house looked terrified.

2 cats bragance

Picture3: Hanging cords, used to strangle dogs.

cords bragance

Picture4: An illegal slaughter house of dogs, cats at the village of YuanLing, SHIYAN, was discovered by volunteers on the evening of 24th December 2010. Different services were informed and went to the premises to carry out the check-up and yesterday the person in charge of the administration of SHIYAN said that an announcement of rectification was going to be published and they would talk about the content of the announcement on the following Monday.


On the 24th of December 2010, Miss XU, a volunteer of animal protection came upon a truck on a highway. The truck was full of dogs, all tightly packed in the bamboo cages…

She caught up with the truck and found this slaughterhouse hidden in the woods near the village of YuanLing, SHIYAN. The volunteer called “SHENZHEN CATS” (a website of animal protection) as Canine Protection Association and volunteers arrived from different places during the night.

Informed by the journalists of News Paper of “City of the South”, bailiffs of SHIYAN arrived immediately at the locale, in the woods, where they found several shacks, taking up 1000 square meters. On the walls covered by iron were written: “FAT MAN SLAUGHTER HOUSE”, around 40 cats and dogs were shut in  two shacks with numerous ditches around, dog hair all over the ground, cords used to strangle dogs were hanging, water in two big pots was still hot… “It’s really cruel, all the cords and knives are for strangling, peeling off the skin and eviscerating dogs and cats…” said angry  volunteers of “SHENZHEN DOGS” and “SHENZHEN CATS”. 

“They know that are going to be killed, that’s why they are all terrified, trembling, avoiding people and not daring   to bark.” said a volunteer who has assisted with several actions of rescue, to the journalists. 

When the bailiff and volunteers entered, they found all the dogs and cats were crowded in the corner, not moving, totally silent. “They are all dumb with fear”, said the volunteer, “and once rescued, they will need several months of recovery”. 

To take the dogs out of the cages, volunteers had to work with a rope: all the dogs were unable to walk because of their extreme fear. Some volunteers then took their clothes off to cover the small dogs and held them in the vehicles. 

AISUO, the responsible person of SHENZHEN CATS said to the journalists that all the rescued animals would receive the examination and treatment in the vet clinics before going to the protection centers waiting for their adoption.


Equipped with flashlights, the bailiffs entered and communicated with the boss who promised to entrust some social groups temporarily with the animals. The volunteers then hurriedly took the dogs and cats out of the cages and put them in the rented vehicles. Suddenly, there was no more light and volunteers found in the darkness another house where around 50 dogs and cats were huddled, in silence…Meanwhile, more and more people were gathered around the slaughter house; some of them were just there as “onlookers”, but they criticized the action of volunteers and in the darkness, some people attempted to free the dogs and cats and this act encountered opposition from the volunteers. The situation was almost out of control and the journalists were obliged to contact the police.

Two hours later, the boss of the slaughter house was still unable to provide either a business license or any certificate of quarantine and other examinations, while the truck was surrounded by several dozens of people, a woman even sat down just in front of the truck saying: “I will die here if you dare to take one dog or one cat away”.

In the early morning of 25th December (around 03h00 A.M.), a boss named LI arrived and said that he had been doing this business for more than 2 years, and during these two years, he had once been confronted by an inspection and more than 70 dogs were thus confiscated. “Why   should we let you (the volunteers) take away what we bought with real money?” Claiming that he possessed the certificate of quarantine for the dogs and cats coming from GUANGZHOU but the certificate “was not there”.

The   person in charge said frankly that they had never carried out such an inspection, ignoring that correlative laws existed. After several negotiations, the two sides decided temporarily that the volunteers take away the animals already charged on the vehicle and the remaining 70-80 dogs would be “protected” on the spot, guarded by the policemen and volunteers. A decision would be taken in the morning by the services of urban management and trade/industry. 

For the result, please read the second paragraph and the note of “picture4”.

The next day, when they arrived at the premises, the bailiff of SHIYAN found that all the non rescued animals had been transferred. The bailiff said that this illegal slaughter house would be destroyed according to the law.

“It’s clearly defined in the “Food Safety Law of PRC, Article 28” that “It’s forbidden to produce or exploit any meat or its products non-examined by the animal hygiene supervision organizations, or if the examination shows that these products are not in conformity with the regulations. Such organization doesn’t exist in SHENZHEN so all this business is illegal”, said “Mood of a Vagrant “: the person in charge of “POSTHOUSE FOR STRAY DOGS”

How could we eat the meat of dogs or cats from such illegal slaughter houses which don’t have licenses and are unhygienic?” said Miss XU, the volunteer who had discovered and denounced the slaughter house “Besides, dogs and cats are our friends, and they should not be eaten; also their meat doesn’t receive any control so it’s very dangerous to eat it.Journalists have consulted a medical expert who said that apart from the hygienic control, the slaughtering process is   most important. Dogs and cats coming from such places are susceptible to have some diseases and their meat is probably pestiferous so we should punish severely any illegal slaughter.

Written by HEYi, LIYaohai (journalist of “City of the South), 

HEYongwen (journalist of SHENZHEN News Paper)

XIAOYu (journalist of Morning Paper)

Pictures: CHENyihuai (journalist of City of the South)



Translation: Bragance

Correction: Maxine

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Kanelle 10/01/2011 13:14

Snow 06/01/2011 23:33

Ils réussissent à trouver le moyen de faire ça, certificats ou non. Tant qu'ils ne se font pas prendrentéé  Une belle année Bragance. Bises

Bragance 07/01/2011 22:45

Quand on voit dans quelles contitions les amis chinois mènent ce combat...

Merci encore pour votre soutien aux animaux de Chine chère Snow.



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  • Promouvoir une législation chinoise en faveur des animaux du pays.


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