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20 avril 2011 3 20 /04 /avril /2011 19:43

How some Chinese scientists without a conscience support the cruel bear  bile “industry”…

On 3rd November 2010 the birth of the Academics and Experts Working Group on the research and exploitation of Chinese medicines and new pharmaceuticals using powder from the bile of bears was celebrated at the headquarter of GUI-ZHEN-TANG归真堂  Pharmaceuticals Ltd ,HUIAN, FUJIAN province ( please see below )

Here are the two most important “honorable” members of the group:

MA Jianzhang马建章: academic, zoologist and expert in wildlife, specialist on the breeding of black bears, pioneer of the “protection” and exploitation of wild animals.

CHEN Keyi陈可翼: academic of The Chinese Academy of Science, medical scientist, honorary director of the Center of Diseases of the Elderly.

Here is an extract of the speech by Mr. QIU Ronghui, Chairman of above-mentioned company: “a CHEN Keyi and MA Jianzhang are the academic authorities in the field of Chinese medicine and wild animal resources, having thorough knowledge and professional, technical and personal superiority. We believe that with their meticulous guidance and assistance, GUI-ZHEN-TANG Pharmaceuticals Ltd will become, in the future, the symbol of scientific, technical and production innovation in the domain of rare Chinese medicines and black bear breeding…”

GUIZHENTANG: a Chinese pharmaceuticals company located in FUJIAN province which possesses the biggest bear farm in the South of CHINA where, day by day, bile is extracted from more than 400 bears ( IT WILL REACH 1,000 IF THE COMPANY COMES ONTO THE MARKET)

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  • Une loi pour les animaux de Chine
  •  Promouvoir une législation chinoise en faveur des animaux du pays.
  • Promouvoir une législation chinoise en faveur des animaux du pays.


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